Infopreneurs: How to Avoid a Painful, Stressful Product Launch

If you try to emulate the big launches that you see in the internet marketing arena, you will quickly find it very difficult. It’s incredibly stressful to organize and execute the number of behind-the-scenes details that make the big launches work. This complexity is rarely talked about, but is immediately realized once you jump in to a product launch of your own. Not only are there a lot details to organize, but there are lot of people to manage as well.

Trying to copy what you see without having the proper tools in place is a recipe for pain, stress, or even worse…launch failure. This article will help you simplify your upcoming launch to decrease the level of stress and increase your chances for success.

Engage less promotional partners. Managing multiple promotional partners is a highly stressful experience. Instead of trying to recruit an “army” of promotional partners, set up a core group and keep a strong relationship with them. To make things even easier, conduct your next launch focused only on your own email list. Keeping the number of promotional partners down allows for less mistakes to be made (by you and others) and gives you a platform for a larger launch in the future.

Shorten the promotional period. The shorter the promotional period, the less time you will spend afraid of losing launch momentum. You should consider a 7 or 14 day launch timeframe instead of a 30 or 60 day launch timeframe. The shorter timeframe makes it easier to keep your target market’s attention. This will give you a greater chance of success by limiting the number of elements to sequence.

Launch an affiliate product. If you choose to launch an affiliate product, you don’t have to fulfill any of the customer service responsibilities. For example, you won’t have to deliver the product, return defective items, or respond to problem tickets. If you choose to launch your own product these are all things you must do. Launching an affiliate product allow you to focus on creating anticipation for the launch event while increasing the total offer with high quality bonuses.

Each of these solutions will lessen the pressure and frustration of managing the behind-the-scenes details of a product launch. The less details you have to manage personally, the more time you have to focus on quality execution of your product launch sequence.

Trying to emulate a “guru-style” product launch is very stressful without the proper knowledge and tools. There are a lot of activities that appear once your launch gets started, but by then it can be too late to make adjustments. Choose one or all of the ideas above to lessen the stress of your launch and give yourself a better chance for success.

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How To Develop Your New Product Launch Strategy For Massive Paydays

In your quest to launch a successful product in the marketplace, you need a new product launch strategy that will guide you to success. Launching a product requires meticulous planning, coordination and a start-to-finish strategy that will act as your guide as to what to do next. Sure, Murphy’s Law will come into play and things will go wrong, and that’s why having a strategy to keep you on track and focused is even more important.

Here’s how you can develop your new product launch strategy to rake in paydays that you never thought possible:

Step 1 – Understand Your Market

Before even creating your product, you need to understand your market’s wants and needs. If you just create a product that you ‘feel’ is going to be a hit, chances are it won’t. You need to study what the market’s problems are, what solutions they are crying out for. You need to understand their habits, their income range, their personalities, and so on. Find out which market you are targeting and study that market so you can come up with a solution to their problem/s.

Step 2 – Create Your Product

There are three options when it comes to having a product you can launch – you can create it yourself, you can outsource it or you can source it. Another consideration is the type of product you are creating. Is it an ebook, video course, software, or a physical tool? You are more likely to create and outsource an information product and source out a physical product from a supplier. Of course, you can also create your own brand new physical product that is sold under your brand. This requires more resources such as money, contacts and expertise.

Step 3 – Do A Test Launch

Before you launch your product to the general public, it is a good idea to do a small test launch first to see if your product idea is viable. In the online space, this can mean doing a launch to only your e-list of subscribers and customers, or even just a sub-list (a section of your list). In the offline world, this often entails launching your product to only a certain geographical area before you launch it statewide, countrywide or even worldwide.

Step 4 – Test, Track and Tweak

Test and track the results of your promotion in your test launch. Things to test include elements of your sales copy such as your headline, call-to-action, colors etc. You can also gather feedback from beta testers or customers from the test launch to improve your product further. Keep tweaking your product offer to improve it before you roll it to the general public.

Step 5 – Build Relationships

Relationships are almost everything in business. If you have relationships with the right people and companies, your company and brand can grow very fast. Before you can rollout your product, you will want to build relationships with potential joint venture partners through contact points like email, Facebook, Skype and even direct mail so they will be more receptive to promoting your product.

Step 6 – Roll Out Your Product

Once all the talking and planning is done, it is finally time to rollout your product. This can involve starting your large-scale advertising campaign and/or having your joint venture partners promote your product to th

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